Muguet Atelier is a clothing trademark for girls from 0 to 16 years old.


Our identitiy... a feminine, elegant and practical style.


Our motto... excellence in quality and care of details.


Perfect cut, high quality fabrics selection, accuracy in dressmaking combined with smooth feminine lines: these are the leitmotivs of our trademark.


Beyond temporary trends, the Muguet Atelier collections harmonises timeless basic garments by emphasising them through colour and fabric choice. We favour soft cotton wool, or piqué, linen, light voile, corduroy and wool highlighted by lace edgings, flowers and mother of pearl.


Any single piece of clothing, from its first sketch to the packaging, irradiates commitment, love, know how and expertise.


We take care of the smallest detail in order to obtain an exquisite result.


Whenever you choose a Muguet Atelier creation, you are getting a unique piece, developed by our designer Marta Borso di Carminati, and custom-made by one of our professional seamstressses.


The Muguet Atelier universe is definitely in agreement with an authentic, independent, harmonious with nature and search of happiness way of life.


Join us and let yourself be guided...