The virtual shop muguetatelier.com offers you two payment method:


1. A virtual POS terminal, owned by Creaciones y Gestión Chandelle, owner of muguetatelier.com. In this case a credit or debit card is necessary.

2. By bank transfer to a designated account. This account belongs to Creaciones y Gestión Chandelle SL, as the owner of muguetatelier.com.


Before you enter the bank card data, you will be redirected to another virtual POS terminal, owned by a banking entity offering electronic payment services (in our case, for the moment,  Caja de Arquitectos, Sociedad Corporativa de Crédito), so that Muguet Atelier has no access neither to the process nor to your bank card data.


Virtual POS running and security guarantees


a. Virtual POS running (SIS) and security guarantees (Redsys)

b. Encryption system: SHA256 (Secure Hash Algorithm), family of hash encryption functions published by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

c. Redsys partners: you can access to Redsys partners here


The virtual POS (SIS) terminal is a device ready to run in a fully safe manner when performing sale Internet processes. That is:


A. In case the acquirer banking entity demands it, the POS terminal will try to contact the bank that issued the bank card in order to request for the authentication of the title holder (identity verification). This guarantees that the bank card is operated only by its real owner.

B. The POS system implements SSL in all communications so that third parties cannot intercept any information. Thus, confidentiality is assured in any communication taking place during the transaction.

C. Moreover, several mechanisms are set up in order to check the authenticity of the transaction's source, which avoids data manipulation by third parties and guarantees the completeness of the transaction.

D. Confidential information concerning bank cards is unknown by our shop, unless the acquirer banking entity authorises it. This measure avoids the robbery of such information by third parties with fraudulent purposes. The best way for our shop to keep customers' information safe is NOT having it. Bank card data are properly stored by Redsys in case it might be necessary to use it later (in a refund operation, for instance).


Thus, for any transaction operated through the virtual POS terminal, security, confidentiality and completeness are guaranteed to all parties concerned: bank card owners, card issuing entities, shops and their acquirer banking entities.

The virtual POS system will be updated with the last safe payment versions in accordance with international regulatory organizations, so that our shop will not have to make any adjustment on its own.