You have the right to return, without penalty, any item purchased in muguetatelier.com within 15 natural days after the receipt, for which you don't need to justify your motives. However,  you must return the items unused and unwashed, with their labels on as well as the invoice. Muguet Atelier reserves the right to reject a returned item when the above mentioned conditions are not observed.


In case you wish to return an item, please send an e-mail to contact@muguetatelier.com with the following information:


Motive of the return:


a) Delivery error: the delivered item doesn't match my order

b) The delivery is correct but the product is defective

c) The delivery is correct. The product is correct too but I wish to change it for one of the following size: ___

d) Any other cause chargeable to Muguet Atelier

e) Everything is in order but I wish to return the item (you don't need to specify the motive)


At the receipt of the e-mail, Chandelle Creations, owner of Muguet Atelier, will send you back a mail with the instructions for you to follow, depending on your location and type and size of the package.


The system accepted by muguetatelier.com to carry out a return is as follows:


a. Defective product or wrong item: the return costs will be at Muguet Atelier's expense. The customer will receive a new item, identical to the one initially purchased. In case there isn't any in stock, the customer will be informed and totally refunded, including shipping costs, once the defective item is back in Muguet Atelier.


b. Change of size: return shipping costs will be at the customer's expense. The change must be first communicated by e-mail to contact@muguetatelier.com. Once the returned item is received and its good condition checked, Muguet Atelier will send the new order to the customer. In case the new ordered item is more expensive than the returned one, the customer will have to pay for the difference. In the opposite case, Muguet Atelier will refund the price difference. Shipping costs of the new order will be at Muguet Atelier's expense.


c. Item return: once the returned item is received by Muguet Atelier, and its good condition  checked, the customer will be refunded for the price of the product and the initial delivery costs. The customer will have to pay only the return shipping costs. The refund procedure will be accorded between the two parties.


The refund amounts, if they exist, will be paid by Muguet Atelier as soon as possible, after acceptance of the returned item, according to the criteria set in the general conditions.


In case the returned item does not fit the requirements of Muguet Atelier's return policy, the customer has no right to a refund. However, he has the right to receive back the item, although he must pay for the shipping costs. If the customer gives up his right to receive back the item, in the same conditions he sent it, he has to inform Muguet Atelier at contact@muguetatelier.com. To that end, the customer has a time limit of one month, after which Muguet Atelier keeps the right to hold the amounts and items already received.


In spite of this return policy, Chandelle Creations, owner of Muguet Atelier, may consider the possibility of taking charge of the return costs, according to the specificity of some situations.